Newman Catholic Schools

Diocese of La Crosse - Central Wisconsin

  • Mission Statement

    Newman Catholic Schools provides excellence in education in a Catholic environment and enhances the personal and spiritual growth of our students to meet life’s challenges.  


K-12 Private School Tuition Tax Deduction

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    NCES: St. Anne                                         
              Ph: 715-845-5754                                   
              Fax: 715-848-3582                                 
    NCES: St. Mark                            
              Ph: 715-359-9662                                   
              Fax: 715-355-8904                          
    ECC: St. Michael                                       
             Ph: 715-848-0206                                                              
             Fax: 715-848-3582
    ECC: St. Therese
            Ph: 715-355-5254
            FaxL 715-359-9565
    NC Middle & High School
            Ph: 715-845-8274
            Fax: 715-842-1302
    NCS Advancement / Alumni Relations
            Ph: 715-842-4805