• Service

    Service Hour Requirements

    • National Honor Society: 15 hours per semester
    • Key Club: 10 hours per semester
    • Campus Ministry Leadership Team: 10 hours per semester
    • Ambassadors: Ambassador events as discussed with Mr. Michlig
    • No club membership: 5 hours per semester

    Click here for Service Hour completion form.

    Definition of Service:

    Volunteer and unpaid work in your home parish, community, or the Wausau deanery. Service during the school day (for example, greeting before the school mass), or otherwise required by a class or teacher, will not be counted toward your service hour requirement. This service must be done of your own volition.

    What’s the difference between Volunteering and Serving?

    Service is volunteering, but with a little something extra - a servant’s heart. Volunteer work is done just to pump up a résumé or get into college, but here at Newman, we require service. Give freely with a joyful heart, be approachable, friendly, and eager to help, and try to empathize and identify with the people you are serving, just as Jesus did.

    “Jesus said… ‘Whoever serves me must follow me, and where I am, there also will my servant be…’” John 12:26

    -Students must write one reflection per semester on the service they completed during that time. This could be about one specific experience or more broadly about multiple experiences. This will be turned into your theology teacher.

    -Reflections that are turned in without recorded service hours will not be accepted. The required service hours and reflection for school will count as an assignment or test in your theology class, as determined by your theology teacher. Failure to complete the required service hours and reflection for school will result in a loss of points on the assignment or test.  Failure to complete the required service hours of your club or leadership team will result in disciplinary action as determined by the club or leadership team advisor. Service completed for Key Club this summer (2019) is counted toward the first semester’s requirements. 

    -Service hour completion forms can be found at at the link above. You can also acquire them from Steve Martin, outside of Room 106, or your theology teacher. Turn these signed and completed forms into Student Services. Please check the “Service” bulletin board by the commons for updated service opportunities.